Controversial Lottery System was replaced with First-in Online System for Better Sponsorship Facilities in 2019

It just took a few minutes for the people to mistreat 27000 online application sites for bringing their parents or grandparents into the nation – increasing fury and frustration among people who concluded the new system as unfair and flawed. During noon ET today, Refugees, Immigration and Citizenship Canada opened up its online form to the applicants for specifying interest to sponsor a family member with the help of Parent and Grandparent Program of 2019. Just after 11 minutes, the department tweeted that the applications had reached the annual limit and it had been closed to new applicants.

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There were angry complaints from the annoyed would-be applicants and many of them conveyed that they had set up their computers and cleared their schedules to fill out this online form – just to discover it shut down within minutes. Naimul Khan wrote on twitter that ‘this is not a concert ticket which you are selling but to unite families. The entire process is atrocious’. Cayo Whyte of Peterborough also got disappointed when he opened the website to load his sponsorship form and suddenly the application window had closed.

The sponsorship lawyer Toronto named Aris Daghighian said that his office is exploring what discovered was system glitches that stopped some IP addresses, computers and applicants from approaching the form and the link even when the applicants tried to load the sponsorship form at the stated time and often refreshed the page. He adds a tweet issued by IRCC at roughly 12:07 ET said the form would be accessible ‘momentarily’ but later on, it was deleted.

Possible Legal Action

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The sponsorship lawyer Toronto informed that if there is proof the process was officially unfair; his clients can take legal action against IRCC. Mathieu Genest, the representative for Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussein said that there were no technical glitches as indicated by the department’s initial analysis. He also added that ‘we understand that those people are disappointed who was not able to submit the form. We can ensure above 100000 persons attempted to acquire the interest for sponsorship form’.

The online system was raised to confirm the process was fair and contained safeguards to avoid abuse, he said. The Liberal government abolished its controversial lottery system for bringing together the immigrant families and legally took a first-served online system after a frustrating backlash from the would-be sponsors. Under this family reunification program, the sponsorship lawyer Toronto allowed admission of about 20500 parents and grandparents to Canada in the year 2019 and 21000 next year.

The authorized sponsors should provide evidence of the status and financial eligibility. Conservative immigration critic named Michelle Rempel said the Liberals “abdicated responsibility” by launching a lottery system, but the new method only allowed the people who were walking behind the rules to submit the forms within few minutes. Parents and grandparents belonging to Canadian citizens or permanent residents can submit the form for ‘super visa’ which permits them to expand a visit as far as 2 years after the beginning entry into Canada. For more on spousal sponsorship information, read here!