Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle

Offences like dangerous operation of a motor vehicle is considered to be a serious offence. While serious traffic offences are brought in front of the court, on the other hand, the less serious ones are often let off with a small warning or fine. Often, Criminal lawyer Edmonton states that dangerous operation of a vehicle under the Criminal Code is not only related to a motor vehicle, but it can also extend to various other kind of vessel operations like surf board or water sled or any other towed objects which can be very dangerous to the public.


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What Can Happen If A Person Operates A Vehicle Dangerously?


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According to Criminal Code of Canada, a person who is operating a vehicle in a dangerous manner can be considered as an offender. If the person’s driving ability is considered to be a threat to the public, then he/she might be hold as an offender. Moreover, if the person is charged of a crime the person might face serious penalty.


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Toronto’s criminal defence lawyer states that penalties usually range from heavy fine and jail term. For instance, there has been no death or harm then the accused can be imprisoned for five years. On the other hand, if there is any harm to the body, imprisonment up to 10 years is provided; for death, it can lead to imprisonment for fourteen years.


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In this respect, criminal attorney points out that if the offence is committed during street racing; punishment like jail term can be for five years in case of no death or body harm. In case of harm to the body, jail term is for 14 years and for death, punishment can be life imprisonment.

Criminal Attorney Strongly Opposes Dangerous Operation of Vehicle

Toronto criminal defence lawyer strongly opposes dangerous operation of motor vehicles. This is because they have to represent civil law within the criminal law section. Criminal offences require proper analysis of actions and intention of a person. Hence, the accused person needs to go through some tests so that their element of the offence can be assessed.

Elements of Dangerous Driving Offence Restated

According to Toronto’s criminal defence lawyer, the Supreme Court of Canada needed to restate the elements of dangerous driving offence several times. The law states that the prosecution need to present the case of dangerous driving and also need to prove that the conduct of the accused deviated from the standard and deserves punishment. At the same time, the court of Canada feels that there should be an inquiry into the manner of driving and the damage caused by driving.


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Having an experienced Toronto’s criminal defence lawyer can help an accused person to safely navigate through the charges of dangerous driving. The lawyer with their years of experience can easily provide best option for the case and also prove the driving was not at all harmful.

Criminal attorney feels that a person might be charged for dangerous operation of motor vehicle for speeding or for careless driving and so on. In case a person is charged of such offence they should not feel gloomy. After all the court of Canada has clearly stated that manner of driving should not be equated with the consequence of driving. For more info, read here!