Employment Lawyers: Mental Health Suffer from Denied Disability

As per the employment lawyer Toronto, depression sets in quickly.  You will be surprised to find out how they treat a 30 year old employees who has performed his work well on the basis of the previous reviews, had been terminated over the phone.  He had been transferred from Canada to U.S. as a part of the large company reorganization.  However, things started unraveling as he combated anxiety and depression. Within a year, he had applied for the benefits of the disabled but he had been denied the facilities.  Thereafter, he had been terminated.  This left him feeling destroyed and hopeless.

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He stated that he wasn’t in a good space after he had been terminated. This made his stress and depression much worse.  He began worrying about the future. He is wondering how he is going to pay for the family and the house.  This is the reason he took the help of employment lawyer Toronto. He thought if he did not seek advice, he is going to be in big trouble.

Work Done by the Employers Lawyer

More and more people are taking the help of professional employment lawyers to seek advice for professional dismissal claims, especially where mental health problems are involved. Anxiety and stress have become so common in the workplace. Workers face problem of harassment and bullying in the workplace that can exacerbate the conditions of anxiety and depression.

In case you are struggling to be at work and do the work, you shouldn’t just quit.  A lot of people feel that this is the only recourse. Taking some time off work might be what you actually require to become productive and healthy again.  Many of the people visiting employment lawyer Toronto are applying for long-term or short-term disability for the first time and the usual harassment of the insurance companies. They might have already been denied the coverage and require help.

Quite unfortunately, the long-term disability claims are denied by the insurance companies. Even though there is a certain appeal in the process, these appeals aren’t to an independent third party.  They are independent to the company adjuster. For a real appeal, you need an real employment lawyer Toronto.  This is because they will be able to negotiate the resolution directly with the insurance company.

Seeking a legal advice from mental health can be quite problematic to navigate and cause the disability of payments that is being cut of or denied prematurely. The complicated process might be burden particularly for the people who have been challenged by the insurance companies since their cases are just picked by the different adjusters and doctors.  Asking for legal advice from the licensed legal professional will help in getting rid of one trauma, stress, and tears.

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Employees are aware of the fact that taking time off the physical ailments is allowed and the same right is applicable to the mental health issues. Employment lawyer Toronto mentions that mental health is not considered to be same as physical illness. Conventionally, workplace and insurance have been focused on the physical ailments. However, the mental illness has to be acknowledged as a real disease.

Statistics have shown that about 20% of the Canadians are going to experience mental illness in their life.  Thus, it is necessary to hire an employment lawyer during this time. For more information on Employment Laws in Canada, read here!