Federal Immigration Minister Warns Seeking Asylum in Canada Is ‘No Free Ticket’

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Canada is known to be an immigration friendly country. Every year, one sees a huge influx of immigrants from all over the world. In fact, Brampton immigration lawyer pointed out that there has been a huge influx of Nigerian refugees who want to seek asylum in Canada. Reality is that refugees are trying to avoid the strict immigration procedure, simply by seeking asylum.

Brampton immigration lawyer

Hence, the government of Canada feels that it is important to introduce new measures. Only then, a strict vigil can be put on the stream of asylum seekers who try to enter Canada illegally by crossing the border of the United States.

Brampton immigration lawyer


If you are planning to enter Canada, simply by crossing the US borders, you must be very careful. Some senior federal ministers clearly stated that simply crossing the border won’t give one a free ticket to enter to Canada. This step has been taken especially after the number of migrants crossing the US borders has increased.

Brampton immigration lawyer mentions that Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen plans to visit Nigeria amid the huge influx of nationals from that country. He is completely against defying the proper immigration procedure and entering Canada by crossing the border. He points out that since the election of Donald Trump, a huge number of Nigerians are heading towards Canada, with a valid US visitor visa.

Immigration attorneys try to point out that the Canadian government has already sent three immigration officers to Lagos. They want to offer a blunt warning to people who are planning to enter Canada by crossing the border.

Why So?

Brampton immigration lawyer

Studies have shown that 90% people who try to enter Canada by crossing the border don’t meet the criteria of a refugee. It is becoming obvious for Brampton immigration lawyer that many migrants are abusing the US visas. They are using visas to enter Canada and seek asylum claim. Hence, Canada’s public safety minister Ralaph Goodale feels that the migrants must prove that they need protection from Canada in order to remain safe.

Hence, it is the duty of the Canadian government to process the asylum claims properly in order to stop irregular crossings.

Brampton immigration lawyer points out that the Safe Third Country Agreement points out both Canada and the US recognizes each other as safe places for refugee claimants. However, the claims can be made only at official border crossings and not at irregular crossings.

brampton immigration lawyer

For this reason, Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen feels that amending the agreement would be a good move. At the same time, implementation of triage system at the border would allow asylum seekers to move to Ontario and allaying pressure from other cities, like Montreal and Toronto.

Thus, Brampton immigration lawyer points that Quebec officials assume that the number of crossing is going to increase by three-folds this summer. Although, temporary facilities are being built for the migrants; still, there is no solid proof that people would be benefited from it.

Banning illegal crossing and hearing the refuges from time to time is the only solution. Only then refugees won’t try to enter  Canada illegally. Check more info on Canadian Immigration here!