Museum Hours:

Summer (1st Tues in May to Labour day):

Tues – Sat 10:00 – 4:00 pm

Winter (After Labour Day to 1st Tues in May):

Tues, Thurs and Saturday 10:00 a.m- 4: 00 p.m


REMEMBRANCE – Although Remembrance Day is a focal point in remembering the sacrifices of our servicemen and women the act of serving our country goes on every day by members of our armed forces here in Canada and around the world! >>>
Find out about the history of the ‘Okanagan’s Own’ Regiment…the BC Dragoons – the BC Dragoons and their ancestral Mounted Horse units in the Okanagan have continuously served both our community and Canada here and overseas. From the battlefields of WW I and II, to UN Peacekeeping and NATO Peacemaking operations across the globe, to fighting the 2003 Forest Fire threat to the Okanagan, the Dragoons have been in the front lines meeting their motto of..”Always First”…find our more about them>>>
Virtual Classroom – our website feature in support of education about our military heritage and educators teaching students about it>>>
Military Biographies – We’re looking for biographies of local residents who have served in the Canadian Forces. Find out more >>>


Museum mural by Michelle Loughery

The Okanagan Military Museum’s beginnings –

The Okanagan Military Museum was established in 1998 as a result of the inspiration and efforts of a number of veteran’s and retired Canadian Forces members working in conjunction with the founding organizations that supported the creation of a military museum in the annex of the Memorial Arena building. The location of the museum in the Memorial Arena is especially significant as this building is Kelowna’s “living memorial” dedicated to those who fought in the Second World War.

Our Mission-

The museum’s mission is the protection, preservation and presentation of the Okanagan Valley’s proud military heritage. This heritage includes the contribution made by valley residents to our national miltary history both as individuals and units serving in the armed forces of Canada, the Commonwealth and our allies. It also includes sites of historical significance such as the Vernon Military Camp and Commando Bay where special operations personnel were trained during WWII.

Why we need a military museum in the Okanagan-

For as long as human society has existed an essential part of society has been the recording of its past experiences. The military heritage of the Okanagan Valley is a component of that need to record the passage of time and the role that those in our local society have played in the story of our country. By learning more of our past we can acquire a better understanding of not just what went before us but of the environment in which we now live. Perhaps we are simply listening to the warning of the philosopher George Santayana when he wrote in 1906:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!”

The Okanagan Military Museum’s role is to provide a local venue were this important part of the history of this region can be illustrated to those who live here today.

When you come down to the Okanagan Military Museum be sure to also spend some time visiting our partner museums in the downtown cultural district. To find out more about these other historical options go to the Kelowna Museums Association site at: