Members of the Okanagan Historical Society visit the museum
reference library.

Archives – A place to immerse yourself in history –

Military history, regimental stories, diaries of servicemen and women, official documents and records, photos and reference books – its all here in the most comprehensive military history reference facility in the Okanagan. With a ever expanding collection of over 3,000 books the museum reference library is a great place to start research on a history project or to find out a little more about an aspect of military history that you are interested in. Perhaps you need to see a photo of that particular type of airplane for the model you’re building or you might want to find out a bit more about your grandfather’s experiences in the war, the museum archives are the best place to begin with.

Museum staff Keith and Teresa Boehmer at work in library

It’s not just the books that will be of assistance though. The museum staff are there to help get you started on your search. Often, museum society volunteers will be around to also offer their advice drawn from their varied and extensive experiences and knowledge of military history.

Museum Operations Manager Keith Boehmer

So please do take the opportunity to visit our archives as it is another facility gladly made available to you through the Okanagan Military Museum in our efforts to keep our history alive.

Another facility that you should visit to learn more about local history is the Kelowna Museum, one of our partner organizations!