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Okanagan Military Museum


The Okanagan Military Museum owes a great deal to the founding organizations that supported its creation. These organizations and the individuals in them who had the vision and determination to see the project through did so in the interest of providing a valuable service to the community by preserving an important part of our heritage. The Okanagan Military Museum Society is grateful for the support of:

The British Columbia Dragoons Regiment (BCDs)
- The army reserve regiment based in Kelowna and Vernon, BC. The BCDs are the Canadian Forces presence in the Okanagan and have a long history in the area. During WWI and WWII many residents joined the Canadian Army and served overseas as members of this locally raised regiment.

The British Columbia Dragoons "Whizzbangs"Association - The Regimental Veterans association for the BCDs formed by veterans after WWI, the "Whizzbangs" (the Great War slang for falling artillery shells), are the regimental link with its history. Many of its current members are veterans of the allied campaigns in Italy and Europe during WWII. During WWII they fought in the difficult battles involved in breaking the German Gothic Line in Italy as BCDs. Today they are keeping the memory of these events alive through the Whizzbangs support to the museum.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 26 - The Kelowna Legion has been an active supporter of the museum and works in conjunction with the Okanagan Military Museum Society in furthering the mutual goal of awareness and remembrance of the past sacrifices and contributions of our veterans.

Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada - This veteran's organization represents veterans from all three services. The ANAF Veterans have lent the museum society support in its mandate in telling the story of Okanagan veterans from all three services to the visiting public.

883 (Kelowna)Wing Royal Canadian Air Force Association - This association of Air Force veterans has contributed to the museum's goal of presenting Canada's military aviation history to the public.

The Kelowna Naval Veterans Association - This assocaition of naval veterans have made valuable contributions to the museum's role in highlighting the history of the Canadian Navy.



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