Okanagan Military Museum


Air observer in Canadian Forces CP 140
Aurora Maritime Patrol aircraft (DND photo)

The Okanagan Military Museum Society, military museum board, staff and volunteers are combining their ongoing efforts towards achieving the common goal of the continuing development of the Okanagan Military Museum as a public facility. In close cooperation with our partners at the Kelowna Museum and in coordination with city of Kelowna officials, the Okanagan Military Museum Society have formulated plans for the museum's future development within the historic Memorial Arena building. Currently as part of these efforts the entrance foyer area is being renovated to facilitate additional permanent museum display areas.

Looking farther into the future we are committed to providing our dynamic contribution to the evolution of the city of Kelowna's cultural district. In this aim, through our mandate to tell the story of the entire region's military heritage, we are striving for the benefit of not only the city of Kelowna but of the entire Okanagan Valley.

The Okanagan Military Museum is well served by dedicated staff and volunteers who have proven themselves by their commitment to special events, such as the Memorial Cup, and the daily requirements of maintaining a historical facility of this kind.

We are committed to continuing to provide the region with a first class museum that honours the memory of those Okanagan residents who have served their county so well for so long.

A section of the memorial
walkway at the Rutland cenotaph




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