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Okanagan Military Museum


Lt-Governor of BC, I.Campagnolo
with museum president Bob Hadgraft

2005 - the year in review:

The museum participated in the celebrations associated with the centennial of Kelowna with its own display "Military in Our Midst: 100 years of military history in the Okanagan". In addition the museum also participated in other events that highlighted the centennial.

The museum board was very active in planning for the long-term future of the museum through two major projects. The first was the development of a closer association with the Kelowna Museum for the mutual benefit of both organizations. This association was formalized in an offical Change-of-Command Ceremony held in December. The Museum is now jointly administered under the Kelowna Museums Society. The Okanagan Military Museum Society continues its mandate of furthering the public awareness of our military heritage through support to the Okanagan Military Museum.


The second are plans for an extension to the museum. In 2005 major internal renovations took place with new display areas being created on the main level of the Memorial Arena building that have increased public access and display space while allowing for a reorganization of the upper floors for better improved, administration and artifact storage and restoration area.

Part of this re-organization of the upper floor was the creation of a research room on the upper floor with funds generously provided by the Memorial Cup Committee in recognition of the museum's role in that event. This military research centre and the associated Memorial Cup room were established in 2005.

In August the museum supported the visit of 50 vintage military vehicles as part of "FreedomRoute 60+". These vehicles were on display in the parking lot across Ellis St on 17 August as part of as tour from through the BC interior as a homage to our veterans as 2005 was the Year of the Veteran and the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII.

The museum resumed its fall program in September including the annual educational program for students and Remembrance Day ceremonies.

In 2006 you can look forward to the Okanagan Military Museum continuing to be a vital contributor to the Okanagan's future through acting as the custodian of our military past.


For more information contact:

Keith Boehmer, Museum Manager: (250) 763-9292 or

Paul Seguna,Marketing/PR Director: (250) 558-5503 (Coldstream) or


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