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Okanagan Military Museum



The Okanagan Military Museum actively seeks the establishment of partnerships with organizations that share the museum's mandate of preserving our history and heritage.

The Kelowna Museum is an important partner in this regard and there is close cooperation and coordination between the two museums. For example; the current "Battle in Our Backyards" temporary exhibit is linked to the Kelowna Museum's "Meaning of Home" exhibit, both of which tell the story of the wildfires of 2003 illustrating different aspects of this historic event.

Another important partner in our efforts to illustrate Canada's military heritage for the public is the National Defence Public Affairs Office - Pacific Region. This office has cooperated with our museum on a number of public information projects since the establishment of the museum at its current location. This continued cooperation is much appreciated.

The Okanagan Military Museum also has ongoing liaison with other museum's and historical associations in order to provide the public with a historical facility able to comphensively cover a wide spectrum of interests within the military history subject area.

The Okanagan Military Museum is also interested in establishing corporate sponsorship relationships with companies interested in supporting Canadian heritage.

If you are interested in establishing contact with the museum on areas of mutual interest please contact us ... see the contact page on this website!

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