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Okanagan Military Museum


His Honour Steven L. Point
Lieutenant-Governor of BC

We are privileged to have the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, His Honour, The Honourable Steven L. Point as the Okanagan Military Museum Society's Honorary Patron

Our museum patrons are worthy of special recognition for their contributions to the museum and its goals. They have ensured that this facility has established itself and grown in the short few years since its inception. It is through their generousity that the Okanagan Military Museum continues to offer the public a venue to learn about the proud military heritage that is a part of their community history. We thank all our patrons for their continued excellent support to this worthy cause.


The following is a list by categories of our patrons:

The Society recognizes the financial patronage of those who give so generously to support our work and goals. We gratefully acknowledge the donations of our Patrons - past and present:
Grand Patrons (donations over $10,000):
City of Kelowna
Diamond Patrons (donations between $2500-$4999):
Branch 26, Royal Canadian Legion
Gold Patrons (donations between $1000-$2499):
Bob & Jean Hadgraft
Unit 376, Army, Navy & Air Force Vets
BCD Regimental Council
BCD Whizzbang Association
Kelowna Naval Veterans Assoc.
Silver Patrons (donations between $500-$999):
Vincent Bezeau
Rosa Blake
Jillian Burnell
Desmond Deane-Freeman
Patricia Ockenden
Branch 288, Royal Canadian Legion
Individual Patrons (donations between$100-$499):
Elizabeth Allan
John Audibert
Leonard Bailey
Jack & Mary Cardiff
Patrick & Diane Carew
Martin Cole
Jack Dangerfield
Desmond Deane-Freeman
Ed & Edith Dickins
Lorraine Drdul
Len Dykes
Raymond Dziver
John P. Edwards
Bernard Finestone
John H. Harland
James H.L. Hayes
Elizabeth Huxtable
Frank Jefferies
Charles R. Knight
Douglas McDougall
F. Charlie Nagy
Bernard Neufeld
Les Perkins
Cornelius Ponte
Jim Shackleton
Carl Stef
Ruth Stirling
C.J. Tyndall
Len E. Wadsworth
Sid Wallace
Henry Wilhems
Knights of Columbus-St Pius X, No. 7359
Watson Rd Elementary PAC



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